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Anxo Silveira is a highly skilled and experienced drummer with over 15 years of playing experience. He began his musical journey at the age of 4, receiving private lessons at the renowned "Escuela de Musicos" in A Coruña from notable figures like Teresa Sayas, Miguel Queixas, and Calixto Oviedo. He later pursued percussion studies at the Liceo La Paz Conservatory of Music in A Coruña, while also studying under the guidance of Miguel Cabana, the drum teacher at the municipal school.

Anxo's dedication to music led him to specialize in jazz. Although he had to shift his focus due to relocating to Burgos for university studies, he achieved great success in his academic pursuits, completing a degree in Primary Education with a specialization in music and receiving an outstanding grade for his final degree project.

Currently residing in Dublin, Anxo Silveira continues to pursue his musical endeavors as an active member of The Incognito Brothers, a prominent band in the area. With his dynamic drumming abilities and genuine love for music, Anxo captivates audiences and contributes to the vibrant music scene. Additionally, his involvement with the band Evil Hunter has provided him with opportunities to tour throughout Spain, where he showcases his exceptional drumming skills, leaving a lasting impression on audiences

Throughout his career, Anxo has collaborated with a variety of artists and bands, including Talesien (progessive melodic metal), Lost Minnow (progressive metal), Midnight Sounds (progressive rock), Zelion (AOR, Hard Rock), 12Labirinto (rock), Bolboreta (fusion), Televisión de Galicia (TVG), AdHoc (metalcore), Damián Chicano (pop rock), Diego San Jorge (instrumental metal), and more. He has also recorded albums and singles for these artists, showcasing his versatility and musical talent.

Anxo's passion for drumming has led him to participate in masterclasses conducted by renowned drummers such as Gergo Borlai, Don Famularo, Miguelito Lamas, Jairo Ubiaño, Chus Gancedo... As a dedicated educator, he has shared his knowledge and passion as a music teacher at the Tempo Music School in A Coruña from 2014 to 2017.

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